So I still haven’t heard back about my appeal but there are two way to skin a cat. There will a be a slight difference in the way I post Amazon deals. But it also opens up other places for me too. It truly sucks that I had to lose so much because of someone. But ya’ll are amazing and I really appreciate it. My last resort to gain my affiliate standing back is to email Jeff at Amazon. Let pray that will work.
A few members wanted links to help me since this basically stole Christmas from my family and I’m worried about losing my car so those will be in the comments as well.
Tell me what you want me to find you today and I’ll get working on it. Hope ya’ll have a Wonder blessed day!!!
      Some members requested a way to help me and my family. I have created an amazon wish list of the items for my family so we may have some what of a Christmas now.  the rest of the information can be found on the actual post link Below. Thank you to those who have helped already. I appreciate anything can do or has done. 
Facebook Post With more ways to help

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