Hey EVERYONE! So glad you are here. Below I have posted many of the hottest deals to date. It’s been a busy week for deals. The best was the echo dot deal. I promise if it comes up again I’ll definitely throw up a new post here for y’all. Hope everyone is happy and healthy. Stay safe and be kind. Feel free to comment or even share with anyone. I wont put anything here that cant be shared. Sharing is caring after all ….. right?

           Many thanks to you all for the awesome support you show me daily. As soon as I can I get a video posted in the group on how to sort by recent and SEARCH for items. Please again feel free to let me know in the comments if I can help or message me directly from the group. 


  1. Awesome deal on many forms of Makeup and Makeup  Tools
  2. Here is a short list of some Father’s Day ideas
  3. In the past week this is the second time this deal popped up on Airpod Pro style earbuds
  4. Crafters this one is for you LOOK HERE
  5. This one is 40% off with the code Portable solar battery bank
  6. Have a hammock but wish the mosquitos would leave you alone? Check out this 80% off offer HAMMOCK NET I definitely need one or 5 maybe lol
  7. Possible Father’s Day gift Cigar Case its 40% off
  8. If you have little you’ll wanna run for this Children’s Place  deal as low as 99 cents 
  9. How about this Old Navy sale EVERYTHING is 50% off
  10. These cool Solar lights  are an awesome MUST HAVE at 55% off
  11. 55% off these Reusable Grocery Bags 
  12. If you like BIKINIS  this 80% off one is for you.
  13. Cat lovers…. here is a Scratch post with a 30% off coupon to clip
  14. This 50% off a decorate your own Baby Bibs 
  15. Here are 2 small cash/cellphone purse deals one is 60% OFF and the other is 50% OFF
  16. Almost summer time so time for some 80% off SANDALS
  17. For anyone who wants to trim a few pounds off thier MID SECTION  this is 70% off
  18. This BEACH BALL WATER SPRINKLER looks so cool for the kids this year at 70% off
  19. LETS not forget about our Fur Babies have a sleeping pad at a 55% price drop
  20. 48% off this Insense burner I kinda surprised my mom with this.
  21. Need Laundry Items there are a ton with clippable coupons 
  22. Save 5$ when you spend 25$ on these Laundry & Household items
  23. Now this is just too cool Color changing Umbrella
  24. CANDLES  50% OFF 
  25. Here is a great 

That’s a wrap for the hottest deals and steals!!! When I see More awesome deals I’ll be sure to post More. Stay awesome PEEPS!!!! THANK YOU 

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